Rock of Ages

As well as starring in this production I also produced all of the show’s promotional materials, programmes and performance projection.

The promotional materials included:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Beermats
  • Guitar Pics
  • Twitter & Facebook graphics
  • Website branding

Mystery Marketing Campaign

I produced a series of unbranded posters featuring artwork and a different song title from the show. These appeared before the main posters were released and were displayed in businesses around the town and local area.

Beer Mats

After first trailing these with our previous production (Sweeney Todd) we distributed a few thousand beer mats to all of the local drinking establishments – “Everybody reads a beer mat”!


I produced 2 programmes for the show, a standard version and a special souvenir version. The standard programme was designed as an A3 C-fold flyer and the Souvenir version was a square booklet, printed on high gloss paper, made to look like a Vinyl single. The souvenir programme also included a beaded guitar pick and glow-stick.

Show Projections

I produced a series of projections to augment various scenes throughout the production. The set was designed specifically to incorporate a large, central projection space on the back “brick” wall.

Almost every scene made use of the projection. Some as a simple backdrop; others were far more integral i.e. showing the demolition of the ‘strip’ or allowing one of the characters to appear to catch fire. The graphical elements were produced with Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier and After Effects then combined together with additional animation using Tumult Hype.

With being on stage throughout the show I had to ensure that the projections were easy to run from the wings by an untrained stage hand. To do this, I produced the projections as an app for iPad that used simple touch controls to transition between scenes and trigger cues.